How Tecovas Boots and Brand Growth Experts increased email revenue by 69%


Tecovas sells high-quality cowboy boots. Most cowboy boots carry a price tag of $500-1000, but by selling direct to consumers online, avoiding markups from brick-and-mortar middlemen, Tecovas offers top-quality products for around half the price of traditional retail.

The Challenge

Because they sell at wholesale rates, Tecovas doesn’t offer discounts (with the exception of military personnel). They also hired a brand new Head of Growth Marketing in July who didn’t have an extensive background in email marketing for ecommerce or Klaviyo.

With only basic single-track flows in place, no A/B testing, and an unorganized email list, Tecovas’ team sought out Brand Growth Experts’ help for two main reasons:

#1: To expand their flows for more advanced automation
#2: To get smarter about what they’re sending on a regular basis and who they’re sending it to

“Spending two days with Austin was incredibly valuable.”

Noah Solomon, Growth Marketing, Tecovas

The Solution

First, we went through Tecovas’ email list and did a bunch of list cleaning and organization. We created engaged customers segments for different products and identified customers who were unengaged and not making purchases so we could remove them from regular mailings.

Segments were created based on what people were interacting with on the site so Tecovas could send campaign content to the people who would care about it most.

Next, we set up and built out a number of flows, including cart abandonment, welcome series, and a post-purchase flow for first-time purchasers with the goal of minimizing returns and post-purchase customer inquiries.


After cleaning Tecovas’ email list on day 2 of the Intensive, we were able to find over 45K customers/subscribers that had fallen through the cracks and hadn't been getting emailed. We sent an email campaign to those previous customers and generated 15% of overall campaign revenue for the month in one day!

After launching new flows, cleaning and organizing customer lists, and implementing a campaign strategy to reach the right customers at the right time, Tecovas saw an increase in revenue across the board.

Here are their results just one month after the Intensive:

  • 69% increase in revenue from email overall
  • 27% increase in revenue from flow emails
  • 85% increase in revenue from campaign emails
Email Revenue Increased by
The Brand Accellerators

"We've gotten a lot smarter about what we're sending on a regular basis and we've seen our deliverability improve across all of our campaigns.

Not only was it super helpful to get the Intensive playbook with step-by-step instructions for implementing key email flows, but having Austin there in person allowed us to tailor all of the flows specifically for our brand.”

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